Bible verses about love and words of encouragement from the Bible will always satisfy the soul.

Welcome to my site where you’ll find inspirational Bible verses displayed in hand-painted watercolour pictures.  There are butterflies and moths, honey bees, dragonflies, birds and owls.  Also, squirrels, harvest mice and badgers. All these creatures are teamed with beautiful flowers such as poppies and honeysuckle.

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The Bible is the source of God’s words and is to be greatly treasured. If you love this treasure you will have a wise and understanding heart like King Solomon. A daily Bible verse will strengthen and teach you in ways you may not realise yet. The Bible says to ‘seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you’ (Matthew 6:33).  As you read and absorb the wisdom of God’s Word found in daily Bible verses you will find peace and soul nourishment. Inspirational Bible scriptures will restore your soul and mend a broken heart – guaranteed!

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the Lord (Colossians 3:16)

As an artist I have created these nature pictures to communicate God’s love, truth and grace.  These watercolour artworks will help you to memorised and learn the scriptures.  These Bible verse pictures have all been made with much time and love.

I am a self-taught Christian artist from England, UK.  Please visit  Bible verse of the day where you will find my personal thoughts on some of these wonderful Bible verses.  Also to support this site please visit my Shop where you can purchase instant downloadable prints to be immediately printed and displayed.

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